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Assessment of the risk situation

The above remarks describe the diverse risk universe within which Hannover Re operates as well as the steps taken to manage and monitor these risks. Individual and especially accumulation risks can potentially have a significant impact on our assets, financial position and net income. Yet consideration solely of the risk aspect does not fit our conception of risk, since it is always the case that we only enter into those risks that go hand-in-hand with opportunities. Our management and monitoring tools as well as our organisational and operational structures ensure that we are able to identify risks in a timely manner and maximise our opportunities. The pivotal element in this regard is our effective system of qualitative and quantitative risk management. We are of the opinion that our risk management system affords us a transparent overview of the current risk situation at all times and that our overall risk profile is appropriate. Based on our currently available insights arrived at from a holistic analysis of the risk situation, the Executive Board of Hannover Re cannot discern any risks that could jeopardise the continued existence of our company in the short or medium term or have a material and lasting effect on our assets, financial position or net income. For additional information on the opportunities and risks associated with our business please see the Group Annual Report 2012.

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